Jun 27, 2010

Geisha Doll in Progress~

Click on the Title to see the first Geisha doll in progress with the needlepoint Geisha doll I got the idea from. :-)

This Geisha Doll was the idea from a needle pointed Geisha doll scene you will see in here or on the link to my Flickr site. I have previously before this posting made up the doll body from my drawn up pattern. I then included the wire armature in arms,legs, with strong wooden dowel in the neck for a firm support. I made her look as close to the photo as possible. She is the first Geisha Doll  I have made. 

I am having fun making it, although it has been taking a bit of time. It is nice to be makeing this from the old time traditional costume era.
This is the finished Kimono garment .  
Next is the Sewing on of the hair~
It is sewn on Individually, all the strands are sewn on in one length then cut later after the style is decided.
I wrapped up the hair to see how it would look, then conferred with who I was making it for to see what design they would like.
So now we see the next stage here, the hair is cut and styled into a bun with eye -bangs and little long sides in two varying lengths on both sides of the face. A ponytail in the back of the head with a ribbon and then the rest of the hair under the pony tail is left long.
This is the Painted on face in progress. Here is the wired Hair Jewelery picks.
I like how she has so far come out. 

I will post more soon. Next is working on getting the wooden stand made for her free standing body to be supported on. 

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